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Endorsement 24 Mar 2023: 24 March 2023: Just got a job! Please cancel the services. Y.F

Endorsement 21 Mar 2023: Was surprised to land a new international opportunity a few weeks after applying for the opportunity. K.E

Endorsement 17 Mar 2023: Was successfully hired for a new position last week and would like to cancel my subscription. Thanks. N.W

Endorsement 17 Mar 2023: Never knew about many international opportunities before. Glad I applied to some of them. Thanks for the services. G.L

Endorsement 10 Mar 2023: I am not seeking new opportunities until next year. Thanks for the services so far. N.K

Endorsement 02 Mar 2023: Great site. Was recommended by a colleague and was able to find a new job opportunity. G.G

Endorsement 28 Feb 2023: The daily jobs list was helpful in the last few months. I have a new jobs and would like to stop the Membership. P.A

Endorsement 24 Feb 2023: Could you cancel the Value Membership. I have a new job in South Africa. G.U

Endorsement 22 Feb 2023: Thanks for the services for past few years. I got several assignments through it. I am now retiring and will not need the services. F.L

Endorsement 14 Feb 2023: Thank you for the Value Membership. I got the job in India. D.A

Endorsement 13 Feb 2023: I am employed and no longer looking for jobs. Many thanks. V.S

Endorsement 10 Feb 2023: No longer looking. I got a job. Thanks for these job listings. C.T.N

Endorsement 07 Feb 2023: I have found a job, and no need for the Value Membership. C.R

Endorsement 01 Feb 2023: Please unsubscribe me from your mailing list. I have found a new job. F.A

Endorsement 31 Jan 2023: Found a job and would like to cancel my Value Membership. Thanks. B.L

Endorsement 26 Jan 2023: Thank you. I got a job in South Africa. Excited. G.R

Endorsement 20 Jan 2023: Made it to the final stage and got a new international job. Thanks for the daily jobs service. G.G

Endorsement 17 Jan 2023: Please do not renew my Value Membership next month as I have found a job. L.C

Endorsement 13 Jan 2023: Finally, after over 4 months of job search, got an international job in my field. U.T

Endorsement 11 Jan 2023: Found a job. Will reactivate the services in future. L.E

Endorsement 03 Jan 2023: Thanks for Resume Broadcasting and Value Membership service. I found another job. C.N

Endorsement 03 Jan 2023: I got a new job and Will rejoin next year. Thanks for services F.C

Endorsement 23 Dec 2022: Thank you. I found another job and would like to discontinue the services. U.R

Endorsement 21 Dec 2022: I am reaching the end of my current job. Through the daily job listings, I was able to find a new opportunity. C.L

Endorsement 16 Dec 2022: I have found a new international opportunity in Thailand. Thank you for the services of the past 2 years. J.T

Endorsement 14 Dec 2022: The service encouraged me to apply to many new jobs in my region and shift to a newer opportunity. E.C

Endorsement 09 Dec 2022: Got accepted to an international position I applied in Germany a few months ago. Thanks for the services. N.E

Endorsement 07 Dec 2022: I would like to put the Value Membership on hold and I have got a few consulting opportunities to keep me engaged for next few months. R.S

Endorsement 01 Dec 2022: Thanks a lot. Got a wonderful opportunity to serve in an international position with an international organisation. G.V

Endorsement 29 Nov 2022: I am no longer looking as I have go a new international job at the moment. Thanks for the services. M.J

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