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Privacy Policy

Mailing Lists and Services

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of users of this website.

DevNetJobs Network does not share, rent or sells its mailing list. It collects minimal mandatory information (name, email address and country) for users to register themselves on our website. It follows a double opt-in policy where users first provide their consent and then confirm their emails to create an account on our website and to receive jobs newsletter.

Subscribers can choose to delete their account / unsubscribe themselves from the services at any time using any of these 3 ways:

a) Using the unsubscription link at the botto of each jobs newsletter

b) By logging in into their Account and going under Settings> Account> Delete

c) By sending an unsubscribe request to :

The information relating to their profile would get deleted but some of the idenitifiable information will be retained as per the domestic legislative requirement to keep information for a certain amount of time.

It is entirely optional for subscribers to create their profiles or upload their resumes and CVs on our website. But when they choose to do then that information can become available on our website and search engines (if they opt for Resume Posting Service) or become available to Recruiters when they apply for jobs via our online application form.

Third Party Service Providers

DevNetJobs employs services of several third party companies and service providers (eg:,,,,,, to manage its various services, eg: to send out jobs listings to jobseekers and recruiters, processing and managing payments, displaying contextual advertisements, collect site statistics etc.

Privacy policies followed by these companies apply when their services are used. Users will become aware when they are using services of these providers and can choose not to proceed further.