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 Free Job Posting Service:

DevNetJobs provide free job posting services to national / domestic non-profits, NGOs and charities, upto a maximum of 10 jobs. Organisations working internationally or having global offices are not eligible for free posting.

  • Our intent is to support smaller non-profits in their search for qualified candidates for specific positions. Well resourced organisations who have the capacity to pay should opt for paid postings.
  • Jobs which are posted for a fee on other platforms are not eligible for free posting. 
  • Director / CoP / fundraising / grant writing / marketing / business development / membership recruitment or sales jobs within an organisation are not included in the free posting service.

Paid Job Posting Service: network charges Recruiters on per job basis. If there is more than one job in a single notice then the rates would be pro-rated based on the number of the jobs in the notice. If the job notice is of a generic nature or is a general call for consultants, then the cost would be double the cost of a single job. In case of job notices aimed at getting jobseekers to sign up for a Roster, higher charges apply. 

Recruitment Firms and Advertising Agencies:

Wherever non-profit jobs are handled by a recruitment firm, or advertising agency, the for-profits / Premium rates would apply. DevNetJobs also has the right to charge Premium Rates where applications and CVs are being shared with recruitment firms, and/ or are being submitted to their website.

Individual Value Membership Service:

The Value Membership agreement is between the individual subscriber of Value Membership Service (hereafter referred to as the "Client") and (hereafter referred to as the "Service Provider").

The Client agrees to hire the Service Provider for a fee of US $44 (automatic renewal) or for US$ 48 (one-time billing). For this fee, the Service Provider will provide access to the Client to Member-only job postings and the ability to set up custom job alerts. An average 20-25 new jobs become available in Members section every day.

The Client accepts that this service is without warranty of any kind, explicit or implied. The Client assumes all risks related to use of information sent. In no event is Service Provider liable for damages resulting from use, misuse, inaccuracy of information provided.

The Client understands that this is not a trial membership but payment has been made for actual service of 3 months and is non-refundable.

In case of recurring membership, the Client will automatically be billed for the next period unless a request has been made 5 days in advance of billing date to allow us to cancel the subscription. Such requests can be made at

The Client accepts that the information provided is for his or her personal use only and not for circulation.

If the client intends to circulate or make available the job notices within his/her organisation, then opt for Institutional Value Membership. Price of Value Membership is based on the number of users. Write to for a quote.

Content Copyright

DevNetJobs Network does not allow partial or full contents of its websites and its mailing lists  to be reproduced,  listed, circulated, stored or made available for public / restricted used in electronic, paper or any other media without prior permission. Users can however quote the link of this website and its description on their website and other forms of publications.

Permission to cross-post jobs may be granted (when requested) where the use is for non-commercial reasons and the information being reproduced,  listed, circulated, stored or made available is not altered in any way. Request for permission may be submitted to

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